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Island Estates Home Watch  is dedicated to bringing you the best home watch service. Below, is a list of just some of the services that we can provide for you:

Upon Arrival:

  • Exterior check of grounds, landscape, pests, lawn and sprinklers.
  • Visual check of outdoor light fixtures.
  • Visual exterior check including roof, AC units, fence, mail box. Turn on water.
  • Enter home, check security system.

Interior Inspection by Performing a Thorough Walk Through:

  • Interior temp: Downstairs Upstairs Garage
  • Check all windows and doors to insure they are locked and water tight.
  • Visual check for signs of water damage, mold and mildew, including baseboards, ceilings, walls and floors.
  • Cycle the water: flush toilets, run water in sinks (including garbage disposal), tubs and showers.
  • Physically feel flex lines and drains for water all sinks, toilets, laundry sink.
  • Run garbage disposal.
  • Check the hot water heater – it must be turned off at circuit breaker when water main is off.
  • Check for insects, pests and rodents.
  • Short cycle dishwasher.
  • Short cycle washing machine.
  • Check closets and storage cabinets.
  • Verify AC and de-humidistat settings; adjust as necessary.
  • Test all smoke alarms.
  • Check refrigerator, freezers and wine coolers for proper temp and operation.
  • Make sure icemaker is in ‘Off’ position.
  • Reset clocks after power outage.
  • Check all lights, interior and exterior.
  • Replace burned out bulbs.
  • Check circuit breaker panels.
  • Check garage and make sure door to garage is locked.
  • Put out/take in trash as necessary.

Lanai and Pool Area

  • Check water level and condition of water.
  • Check equipment and Aqua Link System.
  • Check screen door, screening and cage structure.


  • Final departure “Look. Listen. Lock.”
  • Enable security system, lock doors.
  • Turn off hot water heater breaker.
  • Turn off water supply.

If there is a Hurricane Watch and Homeowner selects Hurricane coverage:

  • Take in lanai furniture if outside.
  • Turn water, gas, electric off.
  • Secure anything outside that could become airborne.
  • Bring in potted plants if possible.
  • Secure shutters.

When Hurricane Watch is over:

  • Take out potted plants.
  • Turn utilities back on.
  • Take out lanai furniture if Homeowner leaves out.
  • Put items back outside.
  • Secure shutters.

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